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Instagram, facebook, you tube, and influencer campaigns

social media built for alaska tourism

Confused about when, how, and what to post? Running out of content and struggling to keep up? 

align social with web

Social media is a powerful tool if you use it correctly. Instagram, Facebook and especially YouTube should be key channels for your tourism marketing program. By focusing your messaging and content on your ideal clients, and what differentiates you in your niche, we’ll create a plan that puts the right content in the right places at the right time. Our approach is to look beyond vanity metrics and determine the most relevant posts for your audience and business goals. With a small budget, you can still achieve big wins with social media.

thought leaders not just influencers

Once you have identified your audience, the quickest way to get your brand the exposure it needs is to leverage an influential leader's audience. As more influencers come to visit Alaska, spotting fake followers, rising influencer costs, and current social trends are just a few challenges businesses face when working with influencers. We understand these challenges and have helped other Alaska Tourism Businesses build effective influencer marketing campaigns that produce a return on investment that makes sense for your business. We align your brand with impactful thought leaders that we know and trust who speak to the internal, external, and philosophical problems your clients have.

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